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Why Sell Your Home To A Real Estate Investor - "TheBoiseInvestor.com"

Why you should consider selling your home to an investor and the differences between real estate investors you might find.

There’s a lot real estate investors out there, and you see the signs that say “we buy ugly homes”. “We buy houses in any condition”. You see lots of ads online offering fast cash offers on your house, so there’s a lot of people who offer this service, but we’re not all the same.

So let me explain what most real estate investors do when they come to your house.
Their main objective is to get your house for the lowest prices possible.

That’s just how they operate. They’re looking for the home run. So they want to get a low price on your house so that they could make a high profit.

I’m not saying they’re all bad I’m just saying that is how the vast majority of them operate.

How “The Boise Investor” is different.

How my company is different than I believe all the rest of them out there is that I am a real estate investor, AND I’m also a Realtor, so I can buy your house for cash and give you a good price for it, or can also list your house for sale if you decide to do that. How I operate, is when I come to your house I’m actually looking to help you determine a few things.

Number one I want to know what the market value of your house is today? That’s an important number for you to know. And when I say “market value”, I’m saying if you list your house on the open market today, what is it most likely to sell for, based on actual real properties selling around you. I do a very comprehensive evaluation every time I meet with someone.

There’s no charge for this service because I do that normally as a real estate agent.

I also put my investor hat on when visiting your home to look for ways to enhance value to your property, so if I buy your house for cash, (just like any other investor) were most likely going to, update the kitchen or do a whole new kitchen. We often update flooring, paint, roofs, appliances, all that kind of stuff, so we’re looking for ways that we can enhance the value of the property.

Now, if your house is already fixed up pretty nice, then there’s going to be less to do. The point is, when I come in there, I’m looking. To see if we put on the open market, what you’ll likely get for it.

And then I’ll help you calculate after you pay the realtor fees and closing fees and estimate likely home inspection costs and things like that. To see what, you’re likely to net at the end.

Because then you can take that number and compare it to what I would offer as a cash offer. And my cash offer comes with no realtor fees, no closing cost fees. No fees period. I’m buying it as is. There are no home inspection repair requests or things you have to do.

Fast cash offer examples of selling your home to “The Boise Investor”

Last week we closed on a property, and we worked out an arrangement where the sellers could stay in the house for a few weeks after we closed. So we closed. They got their big check, and then they use that money to move to where they were going to move, which was in a neighboring state.

I had another couple who took that check and they bought an RV and are now enjoying their retirement somewhere nice.

To recap, there are lots of options when you go to sell. Depending on where your house is, we can walk you through the different options and so you can determine what option is the best choice for you.

And so I want to help you get good information so you can make a good decision on what’s best for you. And if you do reach out to me, I’m happy to come out and give you that information. There’s no cost. There’s no obligation.

I appreciate is the opportunity to help you, and that’s why I give you lots of information. And if it works out, great. If it doesn’t, that’s ok.

There are no high-pressure sales tactics with me. You might find that with others, but never from me.

We try to give really good service so that you have a great experience and you tell your friends about it, and then we get even more business.

I’m happy to come out to your house and give you a full market evaluation of your house. Even if you’re just thinking about selling, I’ll give you the information you are looking for.

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